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Video Masterclass – How to prepare for public speaking is a special edition, hour long, online video masterclass that takes you behind the scenes as Adam Montandon outlines his process of creating a 20 minute talk for 400 people.

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Speak and present better in 1 hour.

This page allows you to purchase Video Masterclass – How to prepare for public speaking

This Video Masterclass is a special online video course, where you get to follow the process behind a professional public speaker, and learn the tips, tricks and techniques that the pros really use. This online course is for anyone who has to give a talk in public, wants to improve their public speaking skills or wants to hear how professional speakers do things for real.

During a 1 hour video we focus on:

How do you structure stories, connect them, and tell them with maximum impact?
Secret advice to make presentations delight your audience.
How can you create scripts without writing them down?
How can on-stage characters bring your talks to life?
What must you prepare before appearing on stage?
What should you do on the day of the event?
And more…

Learn the public speaking techniques used to create performances for:
Dare to Learn – Finland’s most exciting educational event.
The European Youth Awards – Europe’s award for young creative pros.
F**k Up Nights – Global movement of business blunders
…and many more… 


  • Availability: Purchase and view any time for $30 here.
  • Time: Watch as many times as you like. Rewind, pause and fast-forward.
  • Location: Watch on PC/Mac, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Audience: Speakers, Emcees and anyone curious about becoming a better public speaker.
  • Content: 1 hour online video masterclass.
  • Class language: English with subtitles.
  • Format: Online video.
  • Price: Free for a limited time.

What can you expect?

Once you purchase the How to prepare for public speaking Video Masterclass you will receive a link to an hour-long video file that you can watch, pause, rewind and fast-forward as much as you like. By watching the masterclass and following the examples you will be able to get real-world coaching and advice that works. Save time on scriptwriting with a “jigsaw” storytelling approach. Connect with your audience so that you get invited back to speak again and again. Reduce anxiety by finding a natural speaking character that fits with your personality.

Improve your preparation by rehearsing like the pros. Take your performance from average to professional, so that you can charge higher speaking fees and deliver high profile and lucrative keynotes. Save time and money. This online masterclass allows you to get all the information in one place, in one hour.

It’s faster and easier than you think. And it’s backed by a 100 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are so looking forward to having you in our audience for this very special video masterclass.

What people are saying

Adams masterclass in presentation techniques can only be described as nothing short of amazing.

Henrik Mygind
Marketing Coordinator at Alltech

WooHoo!! I’m in! This is so crazy, you are the key to my secret goal to get better at public speaking!!

Eva Nøhr Larsen
SDU, Game Development and Learning Technology

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