Speakers impact network

What do you get when you become a member?

A professional support community.

Learn from each other, improve, and inspire successes together. Make friendships, and new connections. Gain help, support, and confidence.

2 group video calls every month.

Group coaching calls are the most in-demand (and valuable) feature.

Alternate Wednesdays at 8pm Copenhagen time, we spend an hour together as a group, sharing the secrets no one else gets to see.

See different speakers, styles and techniques. Learn new tips and techniques.

Get unlimited video replays on-demand.

Online learning.

The Speakers Impact Network has a powerful online learning environment that is specially designed to take your speaking and presenting skills up to a professional level, and will allow you to deliver the talk of your dreams.


With over 100 different lessons, split into 7 different levels, you can take things step-by-step, and go at your own pace.


You can rewind, fast forward, and save your notes in our online learning environment, that you can access any time, on your computer or on your smartphone.

Quick Fixes.

⏱️ How to craft the perfect introduction

⏱️ How fast should I talk?

⏱️ The broadcasters pause

⏱️ Vocal fry

⏱️ Removing subconscious filler words

⏱️ How to know if you look weird?

Expert Sessions.

✅  ‘The Secrets of Pitching’ – with Marko Haschej (41 mins)
✅  ‘Communicate Complex Topics Clearly’ – with Dora Dzvonya (27 mins)
✅  ‘Axioms of Storytelling’ – with Paul Hughes (38 mins)
✅  ‘Own Your Moment’ – with Gica Trierweiler (39 mins)
✅  ‘Death By Powerpoint’ – with David JP Phillips (25 Mins)
✅ ‘Speak Clearly with Confidence’ – with Aneesa Chaudhry (77 mins)

Printable extras.

Download and print:

🖨️  50 Speaker Inspiration Cards

🖨️  Confidence Checklists

🖨️  Workshop Booklets

🖨️ Speaker Impact Canvas

🖨️ Example Script Breakdowns

🖨️  Lists of tips

and much much more. You can fill-in-the-blanks to write great scripts and deliver professional level speeches.

Our Resource Archive

You will have access to video training for over 30+ different topics in the Speakers Impact Archive, including:

🎬 Simple phrases for talking to teams
🎬 Using the 7 Whys
🎬 What are Weasel words?
🎬 How to inspire change?
🎬 How to lead through communication.
🎬 The steps of a TEDx journey.
🎬 The Science of Persuasion. (3 part series)
🎬 How to make money speaking.
🎬 20 Video Call Confidence Boosters
🎬 Emotional states and mantras
🎬 How to use Ethos, Logos and Pathos.
🎬 Confidence questions …. answered.
🎬 Get to the point
🎬 The confidence checklist.
🎬 Build a confidence powerpack
🎬 Your Powerpoint Personality (2 part series)
🎬 How to tell your Origin story
🎬 Roughing and Plumping
and much more.