An exclusive professional community.
Learn from each other, improve, and inspire successes together. Make friendships, and new connections. Gain help, support, and confidence.

2 group video calls every month.
Group coaching calls are the most in-demand (and valuable) feature.

Alternate Wednesdays at 8pm Copenhagen time, we spend an hour together as a group, sharing, the secrets no one else gets to see.

See different speakers, styles and techniques. Learn new tips and techniques.
If you can’t make the live group coaching you can watch video replays on-demand.

100+ video lessons in 6 levels.
Progress from beginner to expert. With more than 100, in-depth video lessons that get results. Complete them step-by-step to “level up” as the difficulty increases. Learn at your own pace, and you focus on one topic at a time.

Follow along with worksheets, examples, and bonus downloads. 

Quick fixes, tips and tricks.
Sometimes you just want to be a better speaker NOW. No time to wait! 

Quick fixes tackle bite-sized problems that take  5 minutes or less. 

Having secret tips and tricks to engage your audience in a fast and effective manner will save you time and get your speaking energised.

Bonus Content.
Hours of Bonus Content focus on “outside the box” topics, from special guest experts from around the world. 


I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at the Speakers Impact Network creating lots of new video content, and getting the community ready for applications to open on 1st March.

I wanted to send you a little something to get you started.

13 mistakes to stop making if you want to be a successful public speaker.

Today I have created a PDF for you, that gives you insight into 13 mistakes to stop making if you want to be a successful public speaker. It’s full of quick tips and insights. Some things you may have heard before, some may be new to you. Click here to read it now.

How much should you practice?
What should you never wear?
How long should you talk?
Should you tell jokes? – Find out in my little PDF.

It takes less than 10 minutes to read, and if you can stop making some of these common mistakes, you will see an improvement in your speaking. Just try it.

Do any of these tips surprise you? Did you learn anything? Please do email me on and tell me what you think. Your feedback is so important.

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